Canon medical systems offer a full range of digital radiography solutions for your general radiographic applications


Only 2 components are required to provide instant DR with any existing X-Ray system.  Canon provides you the freedom to move between systems; just pick up and go!


  • Easily add DR to any X-Ray system using just 2 lightweight components
  • No connections or modifications to your exisiting X-Ray system necessary
  • Smart, lightweight and battery powered


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DR Tablet Solution

The Solution consists of a tablet* and choice of a wireless CXDI Digital Radiography (DR) System, which includes CXDI Control Software NE.


  • Optional 2-bay battery charger and dual capacitybattery pack for extended use
  • Hand Strap (included) allows for easy, safe handling on the go
  • Hot swappable battery design lets you replace a depleted battery with a fresh one without powering down


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RadPro Mobile

The RadPRO is perfect for hospitals, clinics, and universities, it offers mobility and power-saving advantages.


  • Patented wireless distributed antennae system can increase wireless range 40% over single access point systems.
  • Lead crystal batteries retain power longer than acid batteries for less frequent recharging.
  • Integrates with choice of Canon CXDI 401C/701C/801C wireless flat panel detectors.


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