Xtron offers a wide array of imaging systems specifically focused on veterinary practices.

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Universal DVChoice 

This complete flat panel DR system combines a durable integrated table/tube stand veterinary system with DelWorks Veterinary DR package, resulting in a user-friendly, feature rich digital imaging system designed for vets.

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Image Pilot Aero DR 

A complete DR system with compact size, wireless workflow and a durable design, perfect for veterinary practices.

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CareRay CareView 1500C 

The 14″ x 17″ tethered CareView 1500C easily fits into standard bucky tray cabinets for old system upgrade and is also a good choice for general radiography imaging systems providing highest quality for X-ray imaging systems that serve the market of medical, veterinary, and industrial NDT applications.

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CareRay CareView 1800L

The 17″x17″ cassette-sized CareView 1800L is designed for various applications such as integrating with a radiography system which requires detector to be used on various positions, or upgrading an existing cassette-based film or CR system to a flat-panel DR without modification.

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